The Demand of the municipal school teachers to start the classes of standard 1 to 5

By | September 23, 2021

If the festivals are allowed, why not the primary school, the demand of the municipal school teachers to start the classes of standard 1 to 5

Classes 6 to 12 have been started and there is no problem in this: Teachers

Classes of Std. 6 to 12 have been started in schools in Gujarat, but since online education is still going on in Std. 1 to 5, there are very few cases of Corona and now teachers have demanded to start Std. 1 to 5 years. The matter will also be presented to the Education Minister by the teachers in the coming days. On the other hand, due to the fear of the third wave, parents are still confused whether to send their children to school or not.

The Ahmedabad Municipal Teachers’ Board has demanded the government to start the school on behalf of the municipal teachers. Class 1 to 5 is started. Just as the classes of Std. 6 to 12 have been started and there is no problem in it, in the same way the classes of Std. 1 to 5 have also been demanded to be opened with rules. Cases are now allowed in schools as well as in declining festivals.

Students admitted in Std.1-2 have not seen the school yet

In this regard, the President of Ahmedabad Municipal Teachers’ Association Manoj Patel said that the students who have taken admission in Std. 1 and 2 have not even seen what the school is like yet. Street education has also become difficult in the monsoon, so it is necessary to start classes from Std. 1 to 5. Corona is now negligible, Navratri, Ganeshotsav, melavada have been given exemption, then the government should start classes from standard 1 to 5 with consideration in the field of education.

Offline school for Std-6 to 8 started from 2nd September

The first wave of Corona epidemic, which has been raging for the last one and a half years, started offline education for students of Std-6 to 8 by the state education department, but then the second wave of Corona started and the state government was forced to close schools in a month. . However, following the recent slowdown in the second wave of Corona, the state education department had started schools for Std-12 students in the first phase. Then in the second phase, the doors of schools were opened for the students of Std-9 to 11. Now the third phase of offline educational work in schools for students of Upper Primary Std-6 to 8 started from 2nd September. However, in the current academic year, the state education department has changed the SOP to accommodate only 50 per cent students in the classroom.

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Parents are reluctant to send their children to school

Amidst the possibilities of the third wave of Corona, schools have been launched offline, with students being taught with 50 per cent capacity. Parents are also worried about the third wave, which is why they are avoiding sending their child to school for offline study. Parents have appealed to the government to make a good study in online education. On the other hand, with the introduction of offline education in schools, the burden of online teaching has also increased, so that schools are also persuading parents to send their children to school for offline education.

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